Wedding loan – an incorrect dream or a sensible move?

What is the most important event in our life? In addition to the birth of a child and experiencing the holidays – the wedding is another celebration that puts a lot of emotions and feelings hidden so far into the heart. And this is not just about a touching church ceremony, but also about a wedding reception in the company of loved ones. And despite the fact that each young couple has a different idea for a wedding, each wants to give their guests champagne fun and beautiful memories. However, is it worth falling into the clutches of credit for this?

A loan for a new way of life – worth it, it’s not worth it?

A loan for a new way of life - worth it, it

Thinking about taking out a loan for a wedding, lightning shoots! Because every interlocutor who knows about the subject has his “holy” reason, which is indisputable and most reliable. Therefore, trying to think about the pros and cons of this solution, let’s recall the latest statistics. Well, according to the estimates, For every fourth pair, marriage and wedding reception without credit have no right to exist. What is the reason? Perhaps the usual tradition. Finally, regardless of the smaller or larger ceremony – the party must take place. They are pushing parents, it is not too bad to be worse than friends, there is also the fear that one of the family members will feel offended and the neighbors will talk … And the argument about the lack of funds for organizing a grand ceremony is not always convincing. After all,

Is it worth to start living with debts for one night? Before this pair of brides should ask themselves some important questions.

Wedding credit – pros

  • This is the only day in life that will look like what the future spouses want – with a “dream” room, orchestra, menu, decor, photographer, dress and suit,
  • Chance to invite more people,
  • Part of the cost of the loan will be covered by “envelopes” and “own contribution”,
  • Many banking institutions offer low interest rates,
  • Bride and groom “invest” in unique memories that they will bring back with a tear in their eyes,
  • Financial independence from parents and loved ones


  • The pre-wedding list of expenses is very long, and meeting all of its criteria carries a lot of costs – so that the young couple begins a new way of life with “debt”
  • The wedding and reception last from a few to several hours – while the loan installments are present in the life of the spouses, at least a few years,
  • Many people think that it is worth organizing a more modest wedding ceremony with the help of their own savings,
  • When we take out a loan, we spend more,
  • The loan at the beginning deteriorates creditworthiness – especially when the bride and groom are planning to take a mortgage for an apartment,
  • The cost of the commitment is not only borrowed money, but also interest, which may vary depending on interest rates,
  • There is always a prospect of a quick divorce, with credit in the background …

Money for a wedding – it’s not just a loan!

Money for a wedding - it

Expenses related to weddings and weddings are huge – which is why engaged couples use not only bank loans. Those who do not have the best financial standing can also benefit from:

  • Debit limit on the card
  • Credit card limit
  • A quick loan or payday loan

Unfortunately – despite the fact that these solutions seem to be quick and convenient at first glance, they are hardly profitable if you think deeper. Let us remember that taking such payday loans – APRC is usually several times larger than banks and amounts to over 100%. The situation regarding repayment of the credit limit is no better, which is also an expensive form of crediting.

Therefore, every young couple should carefully consider whether they want to start with a binding debt just before the wedding – or maybe it is better to postpone the ceremony at a later time and organize it for their own money. After all, planning the ceremony itself can be started 2 years ahead – therefore there is no hasty decision-making here. Everything has to be done up to the last button – preferably in the least noticeable way for bridal wallets.

Need Overseas Shopping Services Without a Credit Card?

Cravings for goods that are only sold abroad but nothing can be asked for please leave a service? Why not just buy it on ecommerce?

No need to worry, as long as the item you are looking for is on ecommerce or the local website of the dealer in question, there is a jastip site ready to help you. 

Intrigued by how this site works? Let’s see the review below here.

1. Just copy and paste to the URL column, and immediately shop

1. Just copy and paste to the URL column, and immediately shop

All you have to do first is look for the items you need in the marketplace or the official seller site.

After that, you will be directed again to go to the next page. There, all you have to do is fill in the name of the product clearly along with its weight, and size.

Don’t forget to upload the photo too. On the right, there will be a breakdown of the fees that must be paid on the order form.

The payment method is also through transfer only in Rupiah! After that, you just have to wait three to 15 days for the shipment.

2. Can shop in this country

2. Can shop in this country

Approximately the extent of the scope of this site? Quite extensive, because they are ready to provide services for shopping in six countries! Wow, in which country?

First there are the United States, then the United Kingdom, and Germany. For the Asian region, there are China, South Korea, to Singapore.

For ladies, of course you can use this site for rare Korean cosmetics shopping!

3. Is the site safe?

3. Is the site safe?

“Britain, Germany and Korea are present because of the large number of consumer demands considering the country is a producer of superior products; Korea with cosmetics and fashion, Britain with pop culture products such as soccer and luxury products, and Germany with world-class automotive products, there is a lot of demand but there is nothing to facilitate it until finally consumers are forced to choose illegal deposit services such as hand carry or bypass which harm the country.

Low Interest for Fast Cash Loans

Good Credit loans are often the solution to financial problems even though the interest rates are quite high. But there are some low-interest Good Credits you can count on. Which bank is it? Let’s check it out together!

A mortgage that is a lender of unsecured credit

A mortgage that is a lender of unsecured credit

It is a type of loan provided by the bank without the need to provide collateral or collateral as a condition of the loan. Of course, this makes it easier for people who don’t want to pay off their assets or don’t have one. These unsecured loans are only provided by banks as lenders.

Another advantage of the Good Credit besides the need for collateral is that the process of disbursement is relatively quick compared to other types of bank loans such as multipurpose loans, vehicle loans, homeownership loans, and so on.

In addition to the quick process, the fundraising platform is also considered to be large enough to reach hundreds of millions. But unfortunately Good Credit loan interest rates are higher compared to other loans.

Types of Fast Cash Available on Good Credit Loans

Types of Fast Cash Available on Good Credit Loans

In Good Credit loans, generally, there are two interest rates:

Fast Cash is fixed

Fixed interest alias fix rate is a flower whose numbers do not change from the beginning to the end of the installment tenor period. The amount of interest has been clearly stated by the bank and the borrower will eventually agree. The flower still has three floral calculations: flat Fast Cash, effective Fast Cash, and annuities.

The advantage of a fixed interest rate is that you can calculate exactly how many installments you have to spend until the end of the installment. Plus, if the interest rate on the market goes up, the amount of your installment will not be affected. But unfortunately, if interest rates go down, your installment rates won’t go down as well.

Fast Cash float

Floating rate is the flower that follows the interest rate in the market. So the amount of interest per month is uncertain because it depends on the market interest rate. So don’t be surprised if the interest rate bill next month isn’t the same this month. Usually for unsecured funds lending, the bank will set a fixed interest rate in the first year to the second or third year, while in the years following the floating interest system.

Banks With Low-Interest Good Credit


As mentioned above, Good Credit loans have relatively high-interest rates. But it turns out that there are also low-interest Good Credits provided by some banks below!

Good Finance

The first bank to provide the 2019 low-interest-rate Good Credit loan is Good Finance. The bank offers a flat rate mortgage of 0.98% per month for credit loans of up to $ 12 million. For loans under $ 12 million the interest amounted to USD1.29%.

The maximum loan ceiling provided is USD300 million with tenure of up to 60 months. The approval process takes only 3 business days, once all the requirements of the document have been met. The requirement is that the WNI (Citizens of Indonesia), earn a minimum of $ 13.5 million per month and have a credit card with a minimum limit of $ 8 million.