Is it good to have a credit card? We solve your doubts

The use of credit cards is constantly increasing, but there are still many people who are against them and others who simply have no interest at all, but is it good to have a credit card? How convenient is it to go through life without one?

Like any credit cards have their advantages and disadvantages and, to a large extent, their convenience depends on the particular needs and lifestyle of each person. However, the cards are also one of the simplest forms of credit that exist and have unique benefits that you will not find in other types of credits or in other forms of payment (such as debit or cash).

Although we do not say that everyone should have a credit card, we do consider it important that by financial culture everyone knows their unique benefits in this way, the decision to have a credit card or not will be an informed and intelligent decision.

In addition to the fact that a credit card that is used responsibly is a fantastic financing tool, these are some of its other benefits:

Security against theft

Security against theft

If your wallet is stolen or lost, there is no way to recover the cash you carried in it, however, just call to cancel your cards to prevent someone else from spending your money. In addition, banks offer fraud insurance that supports you in case your card is used without your authorization.

This is also a benefit you can get by using debit cards instead of cash.

Immediate liquidity whenever you need it

Unfortunately, not all loans in the market are as fast as those of Good Finance, sometimes you have to wait for days to be solved and, in case of an emergency, that is not an option. If you use the credit responsibly, a card guarantees you to have money available at the time you need it.

Access to exclusive promotions


Surely you have to see promotions that are valid only by credit card. The use of a card does not always go hand in hand with the lack of liquidity. Even if you have the money to make a cash payment you can use a credit card to get discounts or other promotions; you don’t even have to borrow, once you have made the promotion valid you can immediately pay your credit card with the money you already have if that worries you.

Purchases and payments online

The internet has opened the doors to virtually any type of commerce with just a few clicks. Although there are more and more online stores that allow you to make your payments in convenience stores or bank deposit, it is much faster and more convenient to buy and pay from the comfort of your home, from the super home to the shoes you get They loved it on the other side of the world.

In addition you can also make the payment of your services (water, electricity, telephone, internet, etc.) through the internet, or, direct them to be automatically charged to your card. So, instead of worrying about the date and the payment amount of each service you only take care of your card payment.

A credit card is essential for some services

A credit card is essential for some services

To make hotel reservations or rent a car it is almost essential to have a credit card, since this acts as a guarantee. Again, the card is not necessarily a form of financing, but a pass to access services as simple as those mentioned.

Rewards programs: points and miles

By making virtually any payment with your credit card you accumulate points that, depending on the promotions of your bank, you can use to buy products, flights, trips, get discounts or make payment in some establishments, an advantage that no other form of payment gives you offers. Yes, you simply change your payment method from debit or cash to credit (without even spending more than necessary) and you will already be getting benefits.