1 in 10 Internet users are looking for payday loans

Despite the fact that the online payday market is only 6 years old, it is growing at an extremely fast pace. It is worth noting that the number of non-bank loans granted during the year more than doubled, reaching over USD 3 billion in 2013, and everything predicts that 2014 will be much better in this respect. http://muebles-de-cocina-en-argentina.org/real-estate-loans-should-become-more-accessible-these-are-the-dangers/ for an assessment

Bureau checks the popularity of online loans

Bureau, a research agency that deals with the Internet and other media research, has examined the monthly number of visits to lending websites by internet users. It turned out that in 2014, more than 2 million people entered pages with payday loans every month, which represents 9% of all website visitors in Poland.

In 2012 it was 700 thousand and in 2013 1.5 million. As you can see, the trend is growing and we can count on breaking another record in 2015.

What is behind the success of online loans

What is behind the success of online loans

The basic feature of internet users – anonymity – certainly affects the success of online loans. Taking a loan online, we fill out a quick application and get money to your account. A completely online process means that no one will know about our commitments.

It is different in banks, where we have to appear in the branch, obtain an employment certificate from the workplace, and often even get the consent of the spouse. Also, the simplicity and transparency of the online payday loans offered works in their favor and also appeals to Internet users who are already accustomed that practically everything can be done with a few clicks.

Act on consumer credit

Act on consumer credit

The leaders in the ranking of visits to their websites are Easy Lender and New Credit – over 1 million visits each – and Net Credit with nearly 0.5 million views. This phenomenon clearly shows that such solutions are needed and accepted by the client sector, which should give much food for thought to the Ministry of Finance, which for a long time intends to change the Act on consumer credit and restricting Poles’ access to loans without BIK.

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